The Reading Rules: For Parents

Rule #08 - “ge”and“gi”, Baby G!
Rule #8 – “ge”and“gi”, Baby G!

This is Baby G. When she grows up she wants to be a “J.”

Whenever an “e” or an “i” comes after Baby G, she becomes a jealous “g” and says “J – J – J – I WANNA BE A J!”

Try these!

  • imagine
  • ledge
  • wedge
  • fudge
  • engine
  • budge

Welcome To The Reading Rules!

As a parent, guardian, or mentor of someone who is learning to read, The Reading Rules is an empowering invention that will help your child master reading in English more rapidly than any other system available. I believe it is never too early or late to begin to learn to read, and as a parent, guardian, or mentor of a child it is truly wonderful that you have taken it upon yourself, to empower yourself, by viewing yourself as the primary educator of the child.

It is my philosophy and strong belief that parents who see themselves as the primary educator of the child, as opposed to an outside entity such as a teacher, produce the most successful students.

In 1993 I was working as a grocery store checker and was a single parent to my, at the time, 3 year-old daughter Johanna. I began using a very well-known system to teach her to read and by age 7 she was assessed and estimated to be at middle-to late 5th grade reading and comprehension level as a first grader. This success lead me to pursue teaching as a career.

In 1998 I began teaching and was assigned to a Kindergarten class. I was not given a reading program to use. At that time, the goal was only to teach the basic letters and sounds. Because of my experience with my daughter my goals were much higher, so I began using the reading program I used with my daughter, only to find out it had many “holes” which didn’t address the many complexities of learning to read English words beyond the 26 letter sounds.

From this, came the birth of The Reading Rules – a systematic method of teaching reading which goes beyond the 26 letter sounds and is the key to unlocking mastery of reading in English.

As a parent, with The Reading Rules you are now empowered to teach this same process I use with my students. You are their teacher, and as a parent your feedback is one of my most valuable resources and I welcome it!

Thank you,


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