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Rule #12 - “ee”, The Bad Monkeys
Rule #12 – “ee”, The Bad Monkeys!

These are The Bad Monkeys! All day long they make mischief and look for trouble.

The sound that these mischievous monkeys make is “ee-ee!” (Long e sound) Try these!
  • tree
  • sweet
  • creep
  • breeze
  • weekly
  • sleepy

Welcome To The Reading Rules!

I have been a classroom teacher for the past 17 years and in that time I have had great success in teaching reading in English to many second-language learners. As someone whom desires to learn to read in English, The Reading Rules is the easiest and most rapid way to help you achieve your goal. Even if English is not your primary language, The Reading Rules will ensure your mastery in learning to read regardless of your reading or vocabulary comprehension level.

In addition, if you are learning English as a second language, The Reading Rules will also help you to achieve mastery of English sounds in words which leads to mastery of English pronunciation.

As someone who is using The Reading Rules to learn how to read in English with no assistance, it is my intention to get as much feedback as I can from you so that I can help you, as your own teacher, with any difficulties you may encounter.

I welcome your correspondence throughout your learning process to assist you in any way possible. Your feedback is much appreciated as I will use it to perfect the program.

Thank you,


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