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Rule 14 - The Three Mad Dogs

Hello! My name is Jenny Kim and I would just like to share a quick personal statement about having Ms. Williams as my first English teacher and learning from her program, “The Reading Rules”.

I was born in Korea, and my family and I moved to California when I was six years old, which was twelve years ago. At the time, my parents decided to immigrate to the United States because they wanted me and my younger brother to have a better education and to learn English.

We came from Korea, not knowing any English at all and it was very hard for all of us. Because English was not my first language, it was very hard to learn and understand the language. There were so many rules to follow and many exceptions to those rules, and for a six year old child who had only spoken, read, and written in Korean, it was a difficult process. However, through Ms. Williams’ teachings with her Reading Rules program, I was able to learn and become fluent in English.

She has taught me so much, and I am forever grateful to her for being such an amazing teacher. I learned so much in her class, and I can honestly say that she is the foundation to my accomplishments today.

I am the first person in my family to attend college and am now a first year student at the University of California, San Diego as an Applied Mathematics major. I hope to become someone like Ms. Williams, someone who is kind, caring, and passionate about the work she does, and I admire her greatly.

Thank you so much for reading this and supporting this program Ms. Williams worked and is working hard for, because it has helped me and so many other students in learning English.

Thank you!” Jenny Kim – Former Student of TRR

I learned to read using the reading rules in Ms. William’s class starting in 1st grade. This was way back in 2001 and I had no idea back then how useful the knowledge and skill I obtained would help me accomplish some of my most desired goals today.

No matter how simple it may seem, learning from the reading rules greatly impacted my life and has made a huge difference in what I have been able to achieve ever since. Without it I would not be where I am today. Today I am a college student at CSULB studying Aerospace Engineering. I will be starting my 4th year in college next year in spring after finishing my semester long internship opportunity that I have with SpaceX this fall and winter. I have already had a previous internship experience at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center 2 summers ago. Neither of the internship experiences that I have had so far could have been possible without knowing how read effectively.

I have also obtained my sport pilot’s license this past summer and it is crucial one knows how to read in English to be eligible for a pilot certificate. Again, thanks to the reading rules another one of my dreams came true, one that I have long dreamed of doing.

I have many ambitious goals in my life and thankfully I have the required reading skills that will help me to undertake these life goals. My greatest life goal of all, is to one day go to Mars! This is my dream and one that I am desperately working to achieve everyday. And reading takes a huge part in making this happen.

Everyday that I go to work at my internship, I learn by reading new material that I never knew before. Just by applying my reading skills to engineering topics I will be able to move forward with my life goals and slowly work my way up to my ultimate goal.

As I kid I always dreamed of going to space and now thanks to what I learned years back, I am prepared to take the next steps that will bring me closer to that.

Thank you Ms. Williams for teaching me how to read from the reading rules. Without it, I would not be were I am today.”

Cristian Acosta – Former Student of TRR

My name is Kelly Nakamatsu. I remember in 3rd grade when Ms. Williams taught us The Reading Rules. It helped me so much ever since then.

English and phonics were never my strong suit. I distinctly remember back then when our class finished the CST’s in three days! But I was always called in after class to finish the Reading portion. But now everything is a breeze since I have learned these rules.

I am now a senior at Nathaniel Narbonne High School and I plan to become a Public Health Major at UCLA (at least that’s what I’m striving for).

Thank you Ms. Williams for having so much patience with me, I will always be grateful.” Kelly Nakamatsu – Former Student of TRR

Ms. Williams is one of the most dedicated teachers out there! She really cares about her students, and I wouldn’t have fell in love with reading and writing as much as I did without her and her invention – The Reading Rules.

She’s really passionate about teaching, and works with both students and their parents to make sure everyone knows whats going on. She’s actually the only teacher that my parents remember by name after all these years!

Thank You for everything! And thank you for TRR!” Albert Lee – Physician’s Assistant, Former Student of TRR

The techniques that Ms. Williams used to teach me in the 3rd grade are still with me today. The Reading Rules played a vital role in laying down a foundation for a lifelong, avid love of reading.

I specifically recall the timed readings, and how much I improved on them. Initially, I stumbled over words and read at a snails pace, but by the end of the year I was fluently reading any passage that was thrown at me.

Today, I can enjoy reading with a confidence and an attentiveness that would have never been possible without the skills I learned so many years ago. And for that I am deeply grateful to Ms. Williams for The Reading Rules and her highly apt and effective methods.” Ahmed Osman – Former Student of TRR

Elementary school is an extremely important time in child development. Ms. Williams and her teaching methods are the best education I, or anyone else, can ever receive at that period in life.

Ms. Williams made sure that every student got the attention they needed in order to excel. It was only until high school, when I started tutoring students at the local elementary schools in Los Angeles, that I realized not all teachers supplied this form of learning to their young students.

I ran across a handful of children that could barely read, write, or spell. I can now truly appreciate Ms. Williams and “The Reading Rules” program and encourage everyone to use it.

Thank you Ms. Williams, for making sure I left your first grade class prepared for my future.” Onyinye Akametalu – Former Student of TRR

My son struggled to learn to read up until second grade. He just couldn’t seem to learn to sound words out.

I tried helping him at home after he began to slip behind in first grade. I bought multiple phonics games and tried many different popular reading programs, but nothing worked.Finally we tried The Reading Rules.

In just 2 months he not only progressed through two grade-levels and was reading on grade-level by third grade, but he gained a love for reading and his confidence as a fluent reader is now evident.

Thank you TRR!” Jada Washington – Mother

My 5 year-old son was diagnosed with ADHD in Kindergarten. He had a lot of difficulty focusing in school and following directions and was placed in a special day class.

When he entered first grade my wife and I started using The Reading Rules to help him learn to read. The techniques used in this program for internalizing English sounds are so engaging and simple that my son not only was able to focus, but as a second grader he is now being mainstreamed back into a regular third grade classroom and is assessed as reading at 5th grade level.

My wife and I believe that our son may have never been labeled if we had used TRR sooner. We highly recommend The Reading Rules to ALL parents, but especially for those with children who have had difficulties with attention and focusing in school.

TRR works!” John and Sarah Jacobson – Parents

I remember being taught to read using The Reading Rules in the first grade. It really helped me out with understanding larger words, and how to break down larger words so that I could be able to read them.

I highly believe in this technique of teaching reading. It is really helpful and makes learning to read simple.

I have nothing but good remarks for The Reading Rules!” Scott Martin – College Student

I can’t say that reading is my biggest strength nor my passion, but it is one that I possess. As years went on after finishing 3rd grade with Ms Williams, I’ve been in classes with students that had other 3rd grade teachers. When they read out loud for the whole class to hear, they tended to stumble over words and often mispronounced them. Yet I sat there in silence as I heard the correct pronunciation of the word in my mind. I wanted to say something, but correcting them too many times seemed a bit, rude? The teachers didn’t really say anything for the same exact reason.

It’s been long since I’ve thought of the reading rules. They don’t come to mind as I read words because they’re rather just stained into my mind as an instinct, like they’re the century-old law of the land. It was through this program that Ms. Williams enforced such important aspects to the sounds of words.

It wasn’t this by-the-book method that we commonly learn things from. It was this set of rules that kids can really understand and get the hang of. That is what makes Ms. Williams stand out in the educational system as somebody who created an effective method of helping her students develop and improve their reading skills so that they would be ready to read higher level texts with ease instead of struggling to sound out words.

All in all, having developed such reading skills is a gift. I feel that if I wasn’t introduced to the reading rules in the first place, I would probably sound more like a foreigner. Now I’m at that level where I can talk in a sophisticated way to sound more experienced and intelligible.”

Andrew Brunclik – Former Student of TRR

This program is amazing!! 15 years later I’m still seeing the benefits!

I’ve always been at the top of my class with reading, writing, and comprehension. I can’t thank Ms. Williams for her thoroughness with my education inside and out. She truly loves her students and does everything in her power to help her students anyway she can. Any of her students can agree with me when I say she had an impact on my life inside school and out.

I was reading at a 11th grade level when I was in the 6th grade and I can only thank Ms Williams for her generosity with my education.

Thank you Ms. Williams for your kind soul and your beautiful personality!” Sasha Brantley – Former Student of TRR

Ms. Williams work stands the test of time. She taught me how to read with pride and got me to realize the importance of reading.

Ms. Williams dedication towards learning and teaching The Reading Rules to me still stands strong especially #14 The Three Mad Dogs! Even over a decade, I still remember that rule which had helped me to distinguish the three mad dogs (ER, IR, UR) at such a young age.

Ms. Williams is an outstanding teacher and her work continues show her commitment to her students.

Thank you.” Noah Elvina – Former Student of TRR

I’ve never had a teacher that cared as much about their students as Ms. Williams does! She was my first grade teacher and the best teacher I ever had.

I love reading because of her and English was always my favorite subject after she taught me how easy it was to understand! I use what I was taught by her everyday in life. She made learning fun and easy and she was always so passionate of her job.

Thank you so much Ms. Williams for being such an amazing teacher! I can’t wait to pass on these lessons to my own son when he begins learning how to speak!

Jacquie Mattle – Former Student of TRR

Hello! My name is Lydia Chon. I would like to make a short statement about this wonderful program “The Reading Rules”.

Reading has never been my strong point and I still remember myself struggling. My parents were not fluent in English and I mainly used Korean at home. My parent couldn’t really help me but to send me to tutors, but the method Ms.Williams used was easier and stuck in my head.

I feel that I am really lucky that I got to learn under this program. I have greatly improved my writing and reading skills because of this program. In addition to the skills I have learned, I appreciate my teacher who was very helpful and understanding.

Ms. Williams a teacher that really showed her love for her students. This program was very enjoyable and as a third grader it really motivated me to pay attention and it made it so much easier to learn to read in English.”

Lydia Chon – Former Student of TRR

David & Mathew were lucky to have had The Reading Rules in their third grade classrooms. Being a parent volunteer at the time, I saw first-hand how TRR worked.

David scored no less than 90% in all of the “STAR” test subjects including reading and comprehension. Mathew scored in the 90 percentile in reading and comprehension and had a perfect score in Math!

The Reading Rules reading program really works!” Grace Jeter – Mother

My son is in first grade and learning English as his second language. My husband and I only speak Spanish in our home, and have difficulty helping our kids in school with reading in English and pronouncing English words.

We tried The Reading Rules with my son and his teacher couldn’t believe how much he improved. She told us he went from the being below grade level and at the bottom of the class in reading to being the best reader in his class!

Not only that, but my husband and I are very proud to say that friends have told us OUR English pronunciation has also improved!

We love TRR!”

Ricardo and Lupe Morales – Parents

My husband and are from Samoa and have identical twin boys who are in two different second grade classrooms. Up until this year, our boys have been equal academically. This year our son Joey’s teacher used The Reading Rules, and his twin brother Joshua’s teacher used only the district reading program.

Joey is now estimated to be reading at 4th grade level as a first grader, and our son Joshua is below grade level in reading. My husband and I couldn’t believe that our sons could progress so differently, so we started our son Joshua on The Reading Rules and his teacher says he is showing an amazing amount of progress in just 2 weeks!

The proof is in the TWINS!

Thank you TRR!” Crystal and John Pele – Parents

In first grade I learned to read using The Reading Rules and it was then I developed a love for reading.

I am now at UCSC studying journalism and photography.

Thank you so much Suzette for TRR and for starting me on that pathway!” Jene Estrada – College Student

Ever since the good ‘ole years in kindergarten with Ms. Williams, reading comprehension and writing have continued to be one of my strong suits because of her invention, The Reading Rules.

Everything learned about how to read was very engaging and to the point. If I recall correctly, I competed with other kids as to who could read the fastest or who could read the most difficult words. Anyone who ever had trouble or struggled in class got the necessary time needed with Ms. Williams, and no child was ever left behind.

My parents have been so fond of Ms. Williams’ teaching methods and personality that no other teachers held a candle to her. I can say, without a doubt, that I’m glad and honored to be a student of Ms. Williams and TRR and owe much of my early development to her.

Thanks Ms. Williams!” Angel Renteria – Former Student of TRR

I have loved reading since I was young, and I owe it to being taught by Ms. Williams in 1st grade.

She was my teacher back in 2001 and taught us using The Reading Rules. Since then, they have been ingrained into my mind.

In 7th grade I was selected to test my reading ability. I was informed afterwards that I was reading at a highschool graduate level. Now in college, I qualify for honors in English.

All of this I owe to The Reading Rules and being taught at a young age how to properly enunciate words, syllables, and vowels.” Somar Ramos – Former Student of TRR

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